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Laptop service and repair

Laptop servicing is cheaper than buying a new laptop. We offer a full range of laptop repairs. We are an experienced laptop service that accurately diagnoses and effectively repairs laptops. We can repair components such as motherboards, matrices and cases. We repair laptops from all manufacturers

Płatek serwis laptopów

Why choose our laptop service centre?

Computer service departments in Lesznowola and Ursynów

We have two branches of our laptop service: in Lesznowola and in Ursynów in the Imielin Metro Station. In Lesznowola we have our own large car park, while the laptop service in Ursynów can be reached directly by metro, or by car and parked in the P+R Multikino car park.

Computer service Lesznowola

30i / U2 Jedności Street
05-506 Lesznowola

mon. – fri. 7:00 – 18:00

Computer service Ursynów

Metro Station Imielin lok. 113
next to the gates at Kabaty’s side
02-776 Warsaw

mon. – fri. 7:00 – 18:00

Laptop service offers repairs

Additional services of our laptop service